Daylyt, who is best known for his Battle Rap showings, recently spoke about his appreciation for Chief Keef

“Chief Keef is by far the best worst nigga I’ve ever seen in my life,” Daylyt says in an interview with “I can’t quote one Chief Keef lyric, but I like every song he ever did.”

During the interview, Daylyt also discussed his first impression of Chief Keef’s music. 

“The first time I ever heard a Chief Keef song, I was watching a URL battle and they had that [‘I Don’t Like’] in the beginning,” Daylyt says. “I’m like, ‘Yo, what is this? I don’t like this shit. I really don’t like it, but I like it. This the type of music I don’t like, but why am I singing [this song]?'” 

According to Daylyt, Chief Keef influenced some of his actions. 

“I’ve seen the world bite into it,” Daylyt says. “The world bit into [Chief Keef]. That exact moment is when I did ‘Butt Naked With A Shotgun,’ ‘Mary Had a Little Lambo.’ I did all them dumb videos right after I found out who Chief Keef was…He’s a big inspiration to the Daylyt dumb shit.” 

Daylyt’s “Mary Had a Little Lambo” and “Ass Naked With A Shotgun” can be viewed below.


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