Alchemist, who is gearing up to release Step Brothers’ Lord Steppington with Evidence January 21, recently spoke with HipHopDX about the best battle of 2013. 

“Right now, the battle of the year, because it’s fresh, I would say Rum Nitty and Danny Myers,” Alchemist, who was runner up for Producer of the Year in HipHopDX’s 2013 Year End Awards, says. “That’s not the popular one, but if you go check that battle, there are so many bars in that battle.”

Lush One and Aspect One also praised Rum Nitty versus Danny Myers as one of the year’s best match-ups. 

Alchemist Celebrates B Magic’s Battle Rap Prowess

Beyond King of the Dot’s Rum Nitty versus Danny Myers, Alchemist also praised B Magic and Charlie Clips for their Ultimate Rap League battle, which took place at URL’s “Night of Main Events 3.”  

“B Magic versus Clips was crazy,” Alchemist says. “That was crazy…I think B Magic has been my favorite [battler] this year…Some dudes take four bars to get to the punch[line]. They’ll set it up and then the fourth you’ll be like, ‘Woo.’ But this dude, every quarter of a bar is a line. He’s not setting shit up. He’s compacting rhymes in that way…Watch it later, catch it and see how ridiculous it is.” 

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