In addition to securing the title of author thanks to the release of a handful of books including “Confessions Of A Video Vixen” and the Lil Wayne-centered “How To Make Love To A Martian,” Karrine Steffans is now hoping to add the title of television show creator to her resume.

During an interview with 106 KMEL’s Shay Diddy, the former video model revealed that she’s in the process of creating a scripted television series for Fox.

“‘Confessions’ has been optioned by Fox Television Studios for scripted television series,” Steffans said. “So, we’re now in pre-production for that. So, we just brought our writer on. I’m gonna check him out in the new year and see if I like him. And if so, we’ll go ahead and move forward with our pilot and start production for that this year…I don’t want to be in front of the camera. That’s not where the money is…There’s no power in it. It’s someone else’s words. It’s someone else’s direction. Everything is someone else’s. And I hated not being my kind of [creative].”

Steffans also spoke on her last book, “How To Make Love To A Martian,” during her interview with Shay Diddy. Released this year via Steffans Publishing, the book was created after the video model-turned-author says she found herself in a catatonic state for 10 days. According to Steffans, it was upon hearing about Lil Wayne’s recent health issues that she found herself no longer in a catatonic state and instead beginning to write “How To Make Love To A Martian.”

“I had a catatonic experience last year where I remember not being able to speak for like 10 days,” Steffans said. “For those 10 days I literally could not speak…At that time Wayne started getting sick. And I started getting calls and text messages [that] he wasn’t well. And it just scared me to death. It scared me that there was maybe a chance that I would lose this person in my life…He would always pick me up and somehow whether he knew he was doing it or not. And all of a sudden I couldn’t keep the words in anymore. They just started pouring out because I felt desperate.”

Although the exact nature of the relationship between Steffans and Lil Wayne is unknown, Steffans did refer to the relationship between the two as “indestructible” during a 2012 interview with Vibe Vixen.

“We are indestructible and I find it fascinating,” she said. “I’m in constant contact with this person every day, every other day. He is a part of my being. I’m not me without him. He makes me very happy.”

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