Mac Miller, who released Watching Movies With The Sound Off this year, recently spoke about how he feels about this era in Hip Hop. 

“Artists right now are making some of my favorite music in Hip Hop that’s ever been made,” Miller said in an interview with“I think that in many years this year will be looked back on as a very special time and there hasn’t been anything that as a movement has been as big as this since the quote-unquote Golden Age.”

Miller said part of this is due to rappers inspiring one another.  

“Everyone’s albums are incredible and I think it’s because the bar gets raised and people just want to do something special,” Miller said. “No one wants to let anybody outdo them.”

Watching Movies With The Sound Off was a runner-up for HipHopDX’s “Album of the Year” category in its Year-End Awards.

Beyond Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Miller also dropped Live From Space with The Internet and Delusional Thomas this year. 

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