Back in March, when Snoop Dogg released a companion film to his Grammy nominated album, Reincarnated, the rapper turned Reggae singer said he’s always wanted to make a trip to the White House but honestly can’t perform any songs to that audience.

“I’m never able to perform in situations where I’d love to because I don’t have those kinds of songs…My songs are too hard,” Snoop said in the film. “I know Obama wants me to come to the White House but what can I perform?”

Recently, Snoop Dogg did make an appearance at the White House for the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, which will air this Sunday on CBS, and released a video of their journey to Washington D.C.

“I’ve got my wife, my daughter and we’re going to have a good time,” the Long Beach, California native remarks during the video. “Eastside LBC to DC, my baby boo been with me the whole way through… We at the White House doing it big.”

Snoop Dogg is also pictured in the video with Secretary of State, John Kerry. The two are seen talking and afterward, Kerry gives Snoop a hand pound. A clip of Snoop and John Kerry had surfaced earlier this week.

Snoop is not the first rapper to visit the White House during the Barack Obama Administration. Common and Jay Z have also made appearances, among others. During Jay’s visit to the President’s house in 2010 he spoke briefly to the President, who he’d been supporting since his 2008 presidential run. Afterward he released a statement to fans saying, “I don’t know where you are, but happy birthday. I just came from the White House,” Jay Z revealed to fans. “And your pop works there. He said, ‘Happy Birthday.'”

Watch Snoop Dogg’s full video below:

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