DMX’s legal laundry list is as long as any rapper in history, and one of the issues he’s been struggling with for years is paying child support. X may now have some relief in the matter.

According to TMZ, the former Ruff Ryders artist has settled his child support case with Patricia Trejo, a woman who claimed he fathered her daughter over a decade ago. Trejo had previously demanded $1 million in back child support payments however representatives for DMX say the dispute has been settled but declined to provide further details. 

DMX is currently the father of 11 children via multiple women. He talked about fathering his kids on the Dr. Phil Show back in September.

“Yes I am,” DMX said when asked if he was millions of dollars behind in child support payments. “And reason being because at the time I was making $13 million a year so if I’m making $13 million a year then I can pay that and I haven’t made that in about 10 years so of course I’m behind in payments but the children are taken care of.”

X also talked about being a father to over 10 children and says that he’s very much a part of their lives.

“They’re well taking care of and I’m a big influence in their lives. I love all of my children and I do see them and speak to them when I can. I do have a relationship with my children. I love my children… I think if you can provide, somewhat, monetarily for your kids and be there for them then you should have them.”

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