Following the release of a DVD titled Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger Than Life, West Coast rapper E-40 has continued to speak on an incident featured on the DVD that involved both himself and the late Notorious B.I.G. E-40 spoke vaguely on the incident in 2010 and shared that while Biggie was in town, a few of his associates “got at him” following comments the Brooklyn wordsmith made about E-40 in a magazine interview.

E-40 shed even more light on the incident during an interview with this week. He again stated that he took no part in the fake concert that was booked for Biggie in Sacramento and also shared the details of a phone call he received while Biggie was in town.

According to E-40, he received a phone call late at night from a man claiming to be in the same area as Biggie. The man then asked E-40 if he wanted him to do anything to the rapper.

“But a concert was booked that I didn’t book,” E-40 said. “And I wanna tell y’all this. I got a call like 11 at night. ‘40, I got this nigga Biggie Smalls down here woo wopty woo woo. What you want me to do with him?’ You gotta understand. Just being upset cause somebody said they ain’t fuckin with your music that ain’t enough to try to do somebody in. That’s not cool. That’s some bitch shit. That ain’t cool. I got on the phone with dude. I was like ‘I didn’t know you felt like that’…Anyway, to make a long story short, I got him home safe. Got him back to the hotel safe. I didn’t book that concert. That’s the main thing I want to say. But the shit that went down as far as my folks on his head, they was. And I called it off.”

E-40 again explained that the entire incident was brought about due to comments Biggie made during an interview with a Canadian magazine. When asked to rank a handful of West Coast artists on a scale from one to 10, E-40 says Biggie gave him a zero.

“A lot of people know about the Biggie incident,” E-40 said. “When he came to Northern California. Some of my folks was highly upset that he had did an article—I was upset that he did an article in a Canadian magazine…They asked him from a scale to one to 10 what do you feel about these artists. So, he would say Spice 1. I don’t know if it was a three, a four, or a two. Ice Cube, I don’t know what he gave him, but I know he gave me a zero. Right? And I’m a fixture out there on my soil, right? West Coast, and they fuck with me in New York at the time too as well. So, I was like ‘okay.’ Of course I was upset about that. My dudes seen that. Everybody was upset about that.”

E-40 says his cordial interaction with Biggie as a result of the incident led to the rapper giving him a shout out in the album notes for Life After Death.

In an interview with Hip Hop Wired last year, E-40 said his encounter with Biggie in Sacramento was one he didn’t speak on until Biggie’s people brought it to light.

“So [Biggie’s people] hit me, we pow-wowed, got him back safe and that was that, man…you know that I’m so real that I never even spoke on it,” he said. “His folks spoke on that, I never brought it up.”

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