Jurassic 5 is set to reunite for a new studio album, a live album and a documentary, according to Akil The MC

“We’re just going on the Creator’s time,” Akil says in an interview with allhiphop.com. “The Creator said it was time for us to split up, and the Creator brought us back. It was up for us to accept what happened and see the benefit in it. So us getting back together was beautiful.”

Jurassic 5’s album is slated to be released around July 5, 2014, according to allhiphop.com, and it is set to feature new music along with work that has been shelved from previous album sessions. For instance, the album is scheduled to include a Salaam Remi-produced selection, which was crafted when the group made its 2006 album, Feedback

Solo albums are also scheduled to be released from members of the collective.

Akil also said that Jurassic 5 is poised to fit into the current state of the culture.

“It’s beautiful that we fit into what’s going on right now,” Akil says. “This resurgence of Hip Hop.”

Jurassic 5 released its debut self-titled album in 1998 via PAN. The group was then picked up by Interscope Records, which released J5’s Quality Control in 2000, Power in Numbers in 2002 and Feedback in 2006, the group’s last official release of new music. J5 also reunited for a tour in 2013

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