Kanye West is currently on tour in support of his album, Yeezus. During the Chicago leg of his tour, ‘Ye stopped into local radio station WGCI to discuss the tour, which has made headlines for its showmanship and creative displays.

Kanye spoke about his creative process in general. “I got a DONDA creative group,” he said. “Donda was my mother’s name. She made me. So I had to call my creative group DONDA, because what would be the Kanye West of a show? What would be the Kanye West of a shoe? What would be the Kanye West of an album or something like that?”

Kanye continued, explaining that he draws on inspiration from others. “I’m not the type of person that just goes in by myself and works on an idea, and says, ‘This is what it is.’ I like to put myself next to people who are more skilled than me at something, and we put all that together.”

West explained that creative success isn’t quantifiable. “I don’t see a ceiling of an outlet of creativity based on an amount of Grammies or based on an amount of radio spins. Look at what Steve Jobs did; look at what Walt Disney did. Look at what people who created past any level of any musician. You get in this box of being considered to be a musician. You get so good at something, that’s all somebody wants you to do. Or they classify you as that.”

“I just want more,” he said of his thirst for creativity. “I just see more. The universe, I mean the world is spinning. I’m not trying to stop the world; I’m trying to keep spinning with it, and keep giving contributions.”

Listen to the interview below:

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