Madchild, who has participated in a King of the Dot Battle Rap event, recently spoke about who he would want to face in a future face-off. 

“I could step up to the challenge and battle Dizaster,” Madchild said during an interview with Montreality. “I believe I could. I’m not calling him out or anything like that, but I think that would put me to the ultimate test because he’s a fierce lyricist. I’m a fierce lyricist. I’m not a battle rapper, but if I battled a few more people, I do believe that I could get to the point where I could battle him and surprise everybody.”

In August 2012, Madchild spoke with HipHopDX about Battle Rap and why he decided to participate in a match-up for King of the Dot, one that paired him against San Jose, California Battle Rap emcee/talk show host Dirtbag Dan.

“I thought it was a cool thing that was going on,” Madchild said. “I thought with some of the things in Hip Hop that are watered-down and manufactured, I thought this was a real incredible thing that was bringing some purity back to our culture. When you look at the culture of Hip Hop, it’s important to preserve the culture as much as it’s important to progress in the culture. I was impressed when I started watching these battle raps. I was impressed how many people were interested in it. I was impressed with how talented some of these emcees were, even though they weren’t recording artists, some of these guys’ wordplay is fierce. There are some fierce lyricists out there. I was like, this is a real dope movement and I hadn’t seen at that time, any artist that had sold a number of records, enter it. When I talked to [King Of The Dot’s] Organik, when we met, he was like, ‘Basically, Madchild, you’d be the first one that sold 800,000 records in your career to enter a battle like this.’ I wa