Mac Miller, who recently released his The Internet-assisted Live From Space project, recently spoke about a variety of albums that he’s working on at the moment.

“I really have four records that I’m working on right now simultaneously, and I’m really deep into each one of them,” Mac Miller said in an interview with “So far, I’m working on the music. I just became a homeowner. So there’s a lot of steps that are happening in my life right now that are really exciting. We’ll see where it goes. I’m just along for the ride, man.” 

During the interview, Miller also spoke about the likelihood of his much-discussed Pink Slime project with Pharrell.

“I hope so,” he said of plans for a collaborative album with P. “I gotta call him. I’m gonna call him after this interview because people keep asking me and I don’t have answers. Last time we talked, we were just talking about that we still wanted to do it. We had a quick checkup, like, ‘Hey man, do you wanna do this?’ ‘Yeah. You wanna do this?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Okay, well I’m gonna come to Miami.’ He’s like, ‘Perfect.’ But I gotta really find out when I gotta go to Miami. We gotta do it.” 

This echoes similar sentiments Miller expressed in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

“We actually just talked a couple days ago,” Mac Miller says during an interview with Rolling Stone. “I’m going to go see him [in Miami] and we’re going to finish it and put it out. Because the shit’s ill and people want it. We both had pretty wild years. We gotta do it.”

In April, Mac also discussed the project and its delay. 

“The Pink Slime with Pharrell was the next move for awhile,” Miller said at the time. “So I was going down there [to Miami, Florida]. We were working. I just realized it wasn’t time to do that yet, the Pharrell project. Before I take my brand and mix it with Pharrell’s, I want to solidify what my brand is first. So I want to do my album first.”

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