Audio Push performed at the Roxy in Hollywood, California, November 29, the second night of its “Come As You Are Tour.” Backstage, HipHopDX caught up with Oktane and Pricetag to talk performing and future plans for Come As You Are.

“With the ‘Shine’ video, you could see the energy and happiness, and the fun that’s in the video, and the song, and our music, and when you come to our shows, it’s the same energy,” Pricetag says. “You seen us dancing after the show, and having a good time with our fans and supporters, that’s how we do.”

While most artists close their tours out in their home region, Audio Push’s “Come As You Are Tour” started in the West, with dates in Oakland and Los Angeles as the first two stops.  “We actually just wanted to jump start out here,” Pricetag says. “We’ve actually been doing so much of the West Coast for our careers. We’ve been up and down the coast. So we just wanted to knock this out…We wanted to just spend it out here, and end it in New York, for the holidays.” 

Hailing from a rarely represented region of Southern California, the Inland Empire, the co-sign of a legendary New Yorker has the left the duo dazed. Not only did Diddy shout out Come As You Are via Twitter when it released, but upon the launch of his new television network, Revolt, Audio Push’s video for its song “Shine” was the third video to air on the network. 

“It still don’t feel real,” Oktane says of the recognition given by Diddy. “When we went to see [the Kanye West] ‘Yeezus’ [tour], he [Pricetag] came out of nowhere. I was in the seats just watching, and he was like, ‘Yo, Puff is still talking about the video. He really messin’ with us,’ It just feels unreal still.” 

The duo plans to continue to pushing Come As You Are. “Keep snowballing the project,” Oktane says. “I don’t feel like enough people seen it. There are 7 billion people on earth, and we have 300,000 YouTube views, which is awesome, but we gotta keep it going. We just gotta keep the awareness up for Come As You Are.” 

“All this love has been off one visual off the album,” Pricetag continues. “We put the visual out September…We got more growing to do, more building to do, move visuals to drop, so we about to just keep working, keep doing crazy shows. Then get ready for this Hit-Boy album that’s getting ready to kill the game.”

The “Come As You Are Tour” is slated to end at S.O.B.’s in New York December 18. 

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