E-40, who released his debut album, Federal, in 1993, recently said he feels age doesn’t have an impact on rap.

“I’m 46,” 40 said in an interview with xxlmag.com. “I tell them age ain’t nothing but mind over matter. You don’t mind, it don’t matter. I rap circles around these fools and spit some real knowledge and some game behind it. It ain’t just got to be punch lines and metaphors. I really paint pictures with my rhymes where you can visualize it. I know too much. Can’t any rapper teach me anything. All they can teach me is about the latest fashion, probably. I was the first rapper talking about choppers, triple beam scales, drought season. I got the foundation down for the streets.” 

E-40 recently spoke with HipHopDX about his ability to remain active and up to date in Hip Hop.

“You gotta grip through it, and you gotta grind through it,” E-40 said. “It’s all mind control. You just say, ‘I’ma just do what I do.’ Just be throwed, throwed like you been throwed, and just say some throwed-ass shit that means something, but it’s throwed…That’s me.”

In 2011, E-40 also said that he continues to make music the way he has in the past.

“So basically I just make music like we used to,” 40 said to DX in 2011. “We go in there and just make good music. I mean I’ll send some songs out to the radio, but I’m not trying to make a big smash hit or something. I put that in God’s hands. I’m just doing E-40, the one that everybody grew up with and loved. That’s where I’m at. I got ‘Mr. Flamboyant Pt. 2’ on my album. I took it back on the roots thing.” 

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