QN5 Music has released Demon, Tonedeff’s second installment of a series of four EPs that is set to be compiled as an upcoming album, Polymer

“I knew I was eventually going to have to give the fans an entire collection of fast raps, but I wanted to apply that stylistic approach to my aesthetic and life-experience to make it have a point,” Tonedeff says in a press release. “Time is my worst enemy, and I’m constantly locked in an epic battle with it to achieve all the things I want to do in this life, before it gets to me first. This record is a testament to that.”

Demon deals with “pressures and side-effects of anxiety, mortality and time-management over self-produced mid-tempo bounce tracks,” according to a QN5 press release via tonedeff.com.

Polymer’s cover art, tracklist, stream and download can be found below.
1. “Moment”
2. “Demon”
3. “Crispy (192)”
4. “Use Me”
5. “Cinder”

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