With Kanye West’s most recent outburst, a boisterous exchange with radio personality Sway Calloway, now weeks in the past, Queens rapper 50 Cent recently took some time to speak on the G.O.O.D. Music emcee’s series of rants and his outburst with Sway.

50 Cent commented on Kanye during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid and expressed his confusion at what Ye’s rants are meant to help with. The Queens wordsmith also compared Kanye’s struggle with the fashion world to that of Lil Wayne and his desire to break into the skateboarding niche.

“I don’t know how that helps,” Fifty says. “The problem—like what he’s talking about it doesn’t make any—communication with Sway is not gonna adjust that…Look, the same way they didn’t embrace Wayne immediately in skateboard culture. Cause this is something that’s niche. The people that do it, do it. So, they’re passionate about it and they’re like ‘Wait, you’re trying to look like us.’ You know what I’m saying? So, they don’t wanna embrace it at first and then they see that he’s actually into it. The man gotta ramp at his house.”

Later in the interview, 50 Cent revealed his plans to release his Animal Ambition project, which he says is too high grade to be considered a mixtape, in January.

“I’mma drop it in January. It’s a full body of work,” said the rapper. “I wouldn’t call it a mixtape because it’s a higher grade than the material that I put out on a mixtape…I had [backed] on so many songs that was album quality songs that I’mma put the Animal project out as my viral marketing [campaign].”

Prior to speaking on Kanye and Animal Ambition, Fifty recalled meeting the late Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 2008, an encounter the rapper says he considered a “groupie moment.” 50 Cent’s conversation on Mandela would later lead to the Queens emcee speaking on the inability of fans to decipher between a star and a celebrity.

“I had a groupie moment,” said 50 Cent. “Yeah, I was. You know what I mean? It’s because [you’ve heard] about the actual stories, but it’s not really real to you. It’s like—it’s why people are so excited about us when we traveling around the world. It’s because you from America. They don’t feel like that they would actually see you…Reality television [has] desensitized people to the point where they don’t know the difference between a star and a celebrity.”

Although 50 Cent did not reveal an exact date for Animal Ambition, the project will be followed by the release of his next studio album, Street King Immortal. Announced well over a year ago, Street King Immortal has been hit with numerous delays, delays 50 Cent says were due to recent staff changes at Interscope Records.

“[Interscope Records has had] a lot of staff changes, a lot of different people moving in and moving out,” said the rapper during an interview in July. “I’ve been on a team where I take the ball out and throw myself the alley-oop, and I take the ball out and shoot the three-pointer myself, and I take the ball out and I dunk the ball.”

Audio from 50 Cent’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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