Following his upcoming world tour, Los Angeles rapper Hopsin plans on taking a year off to focus on his personal life, and will allegedly do so while living in Australia. The Knock Madness rapper revealed the news during an interview segment with SKEE TV as he was asked a series of questions from fans.

Hopsin attributed his desire to move to Australia to a music career he feels has become stressful.

“I know over the next five or six months I’ll be doing a world tour,” said Hopsin. “Then after the world tour I want to take a break for a year and just live—and I’mma move to Australia and just find myself. And just live a—cater to my personal life more than the career side of everything. Cause it’s kinda stressful right now.”

The rapper further elaborated on why he plans on making Australia his next home as he commented on starting from scratch in a place where no one knows who he is.

“Because it’s just so dope,” said Hopsin. “The people there are so cool. I like the vibe. I like new places and I like the fact that I’m gonna be there and I’m just gonna not really know anybody. There will be fans who know me and all that, but I’m just gonna be there. I’m not gonna have any real friends and I can start from scratch. I’m gonna be in an area where nobody’s gonna know where I’m at. I’m just [gonna] walk down the street and just meet people. And just make new, organic friends off of me just being Marcus, hopefully.”

Hopsin also briefly spoke on Eminem, an artist he’s given props to in the past, after being asked who his favorite artist is.

“Of all time it would have to be Eminem,” he said. “Because he’s just dope, creative, free, and he does whatever the fuck he wants. And that’s how every artist should be in my opinion.”

Hopsin’s Knock Madness Tour is scheduled to begin on January 18 in Santa Cruz, California and will continue to make stops in the United States before heading overseas on March 31 for a show in Cathouse, Glasgow.

The start of the rapper’s tour comes shortly after the release of his third studio album, Knock Madness. Released on November 26, the album includes guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Jarren Benton, and more.

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