Miley Cyrus was named MTV’s “Artist of the Year.”

MTV also said that Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop” performance from the MTV VMAs was its most watched video on its sites. The MTV artist site dedicated to Cyrus’ career also received the most visits of any artist, according to

Amy Doyle, who is the head of MTV’s music and talent programming strategy, discussed MTV’s decision. 

“She dominated the music charts and critics’ best-of lists while creating some of the year’s most memorable moments,” Doyle said, as per 

The “Artist of the Year” selection is made by MTV executives, as per 2012’s “Artist of the Year” was an honor bestowed upon One Direction and Katy Perry took the crown in 2011. 

This year, Miley Cyrus began rapping. Her work was celebrated by some and criticized by others. Producer Mike WiLL Made-It defended Cyrus’ raps following her rhyming appearance on his song “23.” 

“I look at her like how I do music,” Mike WiLL Made-It said in an interview with Complex. “She is a fan of all music, just like I am. A lot of times, older people don’t get the new generation. The new generation will listen to a Pop song, a hard-ass hood song, and come back and listen to another Pop song. ‘23‘ is a representation of that and for those people. But, for the people that are stuck in only the Hip Hop box or only the Pop box, that song wasn’t for them. Or it’s there to break them out of their box. The fact that anybody would say anything to her about rapping, the only reason they would say that is because she’s White. And I never knew you had to be Black, White, Asian, or whatever to rap, I thought you had to just be talented. With rapping, that’s just another form of expressing your music. Whether you’re going to rap, you’re going to sing, it’s whatever you want. She still sings on that song, so it’s just another way to express it. It’s just a good song. As long as it’s good, nothing matters. She does her thing. As far as rapping goes, as long as you are telling the truth and you have a good flow, then you win.”

Although Cyrus was defended and praised by Mike WiLL and others, Danny Brown criticized the singer and said her supporters within the Hip Hop community are disingenuous. 

“I think anybody doing that just trying to eat,” Brown said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Ain’t no nigga worried about their own music worried about her. Kendrick Lamar is not trying to do no song with Miley Cyrus. It’s just like this, man. It’s like the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills or some shit. You gonna be nice to her to get your plug or whatever you need to get. They trying to eat.” 

MTV’s year-end list also features Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at #2, Kanye West at #4 and Drake at #7.

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