DJ Quik is prepping work for his next full-length album and he recently spoke about the mentality that he is set to take on with the project.

“I just got a budget opened for me for my ninth album, my ninth studio album,” DJ Quik said during an interview on Extended Play. “I’m channeling DJ Quik from 1989. I’m sampling my old shit and thinking like the old DJ Quik from 1989. I’m biting me from then. I won’t be impressed until I sound as youthful and naive as I used to. I don’t want the smarts anymore. Smarts don’t really work. Smarts are boring. In music, sometimes, you just gotta throw caution to the wind, say, ‘What the fuck,’ and do what you feel.”  

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, DJ Quik confirmed rumors of his upcoming retirement

“My voice is going out,” Quik said. “This is my last year. I’ve toured for three…four years straight to get to this point. And now I got my son here, and that mothafucka gonna take over. I don’t need no Grammy. I don’t need no American Music Award, because I helped invent that shit. If anything, when I die, posthumously raise $30,000 and pay for the mothafuckas to vote to get me a key and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m good, and I don’t need nothing else. DJ Quik is a beast. I’m the best. I’m smart, I’m fly, and I’m cute. I wear Yves Saint Laurent cologne and shit that people can’t even pronounce. I don’t play with these mothafuckas.” 

More from Quik’s Extended Play interview can be found below.

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