Lil’ Kim, who is preparing the release of Hard Core 2K13recently spoke about her place in Hip Hop history.

When asked about where she sees herself stand in Hip Hop, Lil’ Kim explained her position. 

“I am definitely the queen,” Kim said in an interview with “I definitely see myself as the queen. I am the one who made it possible for females to be sexy. That’s just the bottom line. And [I] still rap hard with the fellas.

“There’s nothing that’s gonna take away from my legacy,” Kim added later. “I’m sorry. It is what it is. I’m dying this way. With the crown on my head. Nobody can take nothing away from me.”

During the interview, Kim also talks about why she thinks she was able to succeed.  

“The one thing that made me so great before is I just did what the fuck I do,” she said. “I didn’t care how I did it. I did it for my fans at the same time, but I also did it for me. That’s what my fans love because I did me. I told them the story about me and my life. I made sexual music that was fun and just people loved to sing to.” 

Lil’ Kim has often referred to herself as a queen. In her 1996 debut album Hard Core, Kim had a track titled “Queen Bitch.” Kim’s 2002 project The Notorious K.I.M. also featured a selection titled “Queen Bitch Pt. 2.”

Lil’ Kim has also often called herself the Queen Bee or Queen B. 

Queen Latifah recently said that women in Hip Hop have not topped the era where Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and other women were at the top of the Rap sphere.

“I still think some of the best ones that have done it have yet to be topped. I still don’t think anybody has topped the whole era of Foxy, Kim, Missy, Eve, me on the tail end kinda things,” Latifah said in September on “The Rickey Smiley Show.” “I’m still looking forward to it not just being a one-at-a-time female rapper thing. I mean, I think Nicki Minaj is great, but I think we definitely need to blow up some of the other females that are out there.”

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