Game, Diddy and Kid Cudi have been named among “The Best Rappers To Follow On Social Media” by

“The wonderful world of social media has made us more interactive than ever before, but sometimes, it’s an information overload,” the article says. “Who’s worth a follow and who’s better relegated to just listening to when you cop the album? Sure, everyone knows the Kanye Wests of the world, but what other hip-hop artists are out there who are good for checking out on Twitter, Instagram and the like? With this guide at your disposal, your social media browsing will instantly become way more hip-hop and way more interesting.”

Game’s spirited social media posts earned him a spot on the list. “If you follow Game for 24 hours, chances are that you’ll witness him release new music, promote a mixtape, and argue with another rapper,” the article says. “Always unpredictable, the West Coast emcee will keep you glued to your smartphone as he navigates his way through life and we fans bear witness.”

Diddy, on the other hand, doesn’t use social media too often. But he made the list given the quality of his comments. “One of hip-hop’s most enduring—and richest—personalities, Diddy doesn’t actually talk that much music on Twitter, which is why he’s such a refreshing part of this list,” the story says. “In addition to plugging his latest ventures like Revolt TV, Diddy likes to throw in an inspirational quote here and there to mix things up and add a little something to your day.”

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