Saigon recently addressed his role on “Love & Hip Hop,” a reality television series program that airs on Vh1. 

“In my art, I’ve always exposed my life to people,” Saigon said to MTV while discussing his work on the television program. “It’s almost like Eminem, for instance. When Eminem came out, we knew he didn’t like his baby’s mother. We knew he hated his mother. We knew his daughter’s name was Hailey. We knew so much about his personal life without him being on a reality show. His music was almost a reality show. That made us feel like we knew him more than had he just been a dope rapper. It kind of made you feel like, ‘I like this kid because I can almost identify with what he’s going through.’ I don’t have Interscope Records. I don’t have a major label. Me being independent, this is perfect for me because I’ve been putting my life out there. It’s just that nobody was listening.” 

During the MTV interview, Saigon also said that he is set to premiere his “Best Mistake” single on the program.

“I’m performing my single on ‘Love & Hip Hop,'” Saigon said.  

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