It’s been close to a month and a half since the Diddy-backed Revolt debuted on Time-Warner Cable and Comcast in late October. Diddy, who owns the television channel, recently offered some insight on the newly-launched Revolt during a recent appearance on “Arsenio.”

While speaking on Revolt, the Hip Hop entrepreneur compared the television channel to a music-heavy version of ESPN. Diddy also informed viewers that Revolt is ultimately a place for fans to be introduced to new music and for up and coming artists to have a platform to share their music.

“I think that’s what Revolt is about. Revolt is my new network,” said Diddy. “It’s on Time-Warner Cable and Comcast. And it’s about giving a platform for artists and a platform for fans. It’s like the ESPN of music. So, people that really, really love music they tune in. But most importantly we was hurt when your show went off cause we didn’t have that outlet to break acts. And so I wanted to have a network that would break new, future talent. These kids are out here and they controlling their own destiny. They independent and they need support…Music is that universal language that brings us all together. And to not have a destination that you could go to that’s trusted. That can curate things for you that’s trusted. That can curate things for you, put you on to new stuff, open up your mind, and also support the artists and the fans.”

During his interview with Arsenio, Diddy also reminisced on the loss of his father who passed away when he was only three-years-old. He said he finally broke down about his father’s death five years ago when in need of an older man’s advice.

“I remember I broke down like five years ago for the first time about my father,” he said. “And sometimes you feel like you can’t miss what wasn’t there. And you couldn’t really understand it, but when I had needed to talk to another man, an older man for some wisdom and guidance it just broke me down. I was just like—then I felt the loss.”

Lastly, Diddy spoke briefly on the Diageo-owned Ciroc, which he’s heavily involved with. Both Ciroc and Diageo made headlines recently when the London-based beverage company announced a multi-year marketing partnership with the NBA.

“You have to drink responsibly, especially during the holidays and we want to do it in a classy way,” said Diddy. “And that’s why we’ve done the commercials that way. It’s not about overdoing it. It’s about being right in that pocket.”

Diddy made headlines of his own several weeks ago when he topped Forbes’ “The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2013” and “Cash Kings 2013” lists. He even went on to clarify his standing on one list, which reported his net worth at $580 million, stating that his net worth is the amount he’s worth and not indicative of what he has in the bank.

“First of all, I do want to say to the Forbes cameras, I actually don’t—I want to tell you the truth,” he said during an interview with Forbes. “I don’t have that money in the bank. They’re saying that’s how much I’m worth. So, I don’t have that money in the bank. I want to make sure y’all are clear on that.”

Video of Diddy’s interview on “Arsenio” can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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