Grind Time Now has announced its “4:20 Face Off,” a Battle Rap event slated to take place at a venue later to be finalized in Los Angeles, California. 

The Grind Time Now event is set to include Daylyt versus Remy D, Bigg K versus Jonny Storm and QP versus Madd Illz, who also runs the Battle Rap league.

Madd Illz spoke about the future of his Grind Time Now company during an April 2013 interview with HipHopDX.

“I feel like we’re prepared to move into a direction we’ve never been in just like when we started,” Illz said to HipHopDX. “When we started, people were telling me left and right, ‘This isn’t gonna last. You’re not gonna do this.’ I’ve been told all my life. ‘You’re not gonna be a Marine.’ I’m used to that. I feel like right now, we have an even better opportunity to spread out even further, to create an even bigger stage for people that want to find us on that outlet…that want us to provide them with that platform. And the battle culture is so large now; we don’t have to attack each other. URL, they’re about to pass us in views. I tweeted today, ‘Congratulations to you guys.’ They’re about to hit 100 million views. I think we’re at like 94.8 [million], and they’re at like 93 [million]. But they’re about to pass us. They’re getting a shit-ton of views. You can’t stop that. Why would I want to try to damage that? King of the Dot is seeing below 40 million. But like, you know what? They have great content. They have great videos. Their market is smaller; they’re in Canada. That stuff really doesn’t cross over so big as America does in other markets. So, I can understand that but a lot of these guys can’t. They think it’s still a pissing contest and it’s not.

“Right now, we’re in a great spot to be able to reach out to other people to say, ‘Hey, we’re not here to work against you. We’re here to work with you,'” Illz continued. “And it’s big enough now. The market is big enough because we made it big enough, and we have a great opportunity to make it even bigger…But no matter what happens, I’m not gonna ever walk away from anything that I get into. Nobody’s gonna stop me no matter how much money or how much anything they’re trying to claim I took. Okay, if  you claim that I took it, then come and take it back. I’ll be here. I’ll be ready. I’m still pushing forward. Marines don’t give up. I never give up on anybody or anything. I’ll keep on going no matter what.” 

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