SMACK/Ultimate Rap League (URL) contender Daylyt is known for his freestyling ability but he’s also one who is connected with rappers on the West Coast.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the California native talked about one of his connects, Game, and gave his opinions about the Compton, California rapper’s latest music.

“I listened to his last mixtape, it was dope, I like a lot of songs on there, Game my dude,” Daylyt said when asked about Game’s latest work. “A lot of things I didn’t like about it is he has a lot of (DJ Mustard)-style beats on there and I don’t think that’s Game field… I’m a battle rapper but I’m also a Game fan. I bought every album, I bought The Documentary twice ’cause I lost the first one and I like Game when he’s Game.”

Daylyt also talked about Gucci Mane’s latest transgressions and says he thinks Gucci’s latest Twitter rant wasn’t the first time the Atlanta rapper has burned bridges.

“That’s why I fuck with Gucci so hard ’cause he remind me of me a lot” “Sometimes I be like, is Gucci stupid or is he playing stupid?’ Daylyt said when asked about Gucci Mane’s Twitter rant. “He trolling, he didn’t burn the bridge, the bridge been burnt. He’s just building a new bridge out of the ashes… It was a dope rant. I think he should do stuff like that weekly. ‘The Gucci Twitter Rant Show’ weekly where he just rant about everything and maybe he might stay relevant.”

Back in August, Daylyt commented on fellow West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar, explaining that Kendrick has a battle past and the ability to freestyle well.

“People fail to realize Kendrick has a battle past,” Daylyt said in an interview with LA Weekly. “It’s not like he’s not a battle rapper. He’s had numerous battles before. That approach was right on time. I’m about to hit URL and I know the tension’s already going to be there, but this shit pops off weeks before I have to go to New York and the East-West beef is rising tremendously. There’s only one way to be a leader, and that’s to go to war, and Kendrick’s leading the Spartans right now. The question is, with everyone making diss records, what’s going to happen when Kendrick says ‘OK, let’s get in the ring.’ Who’s gonna take that challenge? It’s a set-up. It’s gonna happen. Battle Rap is mainstream now, so there’s no reason for industry cats to not battle now.” 

Daylyt has also recently discussed dressing up as KKK member and Jesus during King of the Dot’s Battle of the Bay 6 (BOTB 6) event in Oakland, California. In another exclusive interview with HipHopDX, he talked about dressing as Batman for a 1 Outs battle against Manaz Ill in Australia. 

Watch Daylyt’s full interview with Vlad TV below: 

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