Drake is set to premiere five unreleased songs before 2014. The selections are not set to be released as an EP, according to Drake.

“Not an EP, but maybe a blog thing like how I did ‘Versace,’ ‘The Motion,’ all those in one night,” Drake said during a recent interview with VIBE. “I’ll probably do ‘Trophies’ and three or four other records.” 

Drake’s much-discussed “Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)” is also likely slated to be released in this batch of selections, says the rapper. 

“[‘Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)’] will probably come out with all that stuff, I hope,” Drake says. “It’s on 40. He has all the verses.”

“Wu-Tang Forever,” a cut off Drake Nothing Was The Same album, faced criticism from fans of Wu-Tang Clan. Inspectah Deck, a member of the group, also criticized Drake’s title for the song.

“I don’t even know how to take it, my brother,” Deck said in an interview with HipHopDX. “I just felt it don’t need to be ‘Wu-Tang Forever.’ It should be called ‘It’s Yourz,’ if that’s the case. That’s what the hook seems to be. That’s what the main basis of the rhyme seems to be. So you can call it ‘It’s Yourz’ and it would have the same impact. But to call it Wu Tang Forever’…unless the song is about the Clan like that, then it’s cool. I’m like, ‘Yo, if there’s a remix coming out, it got brothers on it and you just wanted to leak this one first and then come back with the Clan in that strategy, that’s not the understanding that brothers had in the beginning.” 

Other Wu-Tang Clan members, including RZA, praised Drake’s efforts on the song.

“I appreciate it,” RZA said during an interview with Rolling Stone. “He sent me song because they couldn’t clear the sample. So I did it myself, personally, for free. Free of charge. Because to me, that’s what we meant when we said, ‘Wu-Tang is forever.’ We didn’t think we were going to live forever. We meant that the energy of what we do would spread on in culture, generation by generation. And by Drake absorbing it and having that influence in his life and having it be a part of him, it proves what I’m saying. And I’m really proud that he chose that rap.” 

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