SwizZz, Hopsin’s longtime friend and label-mate on Funk Volume, recently spoke with HipHopDX about the label’s release of Hopsin’s Knock Madness album, which is slated to arrive in stores tomorrow (November 26), and Hop’s significance in Rap. 

“Hopsin is an extremely important emcee, especially for this generation of Hip Hop,” SwizZz said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Hop fills a huge void that the game’s lacking in today’s Rap climate. He’s raw, creative, humorous, lyrical, conscious and wildly entertaining.

“On top of that, he doesn’t just rap,” SwizZz continued. “He produces his own music, mixes his own music and directs his own videos. There isn’t another rapper out there like him. He successfully incorporates the elements of early-mid 2000s Hip Hop into today’s Rap culture, and reaches, but isn’t limited to, a big demographic of music fans that were reeling from the direction Hip Hop was headed.” 

Hopsin’s Knock Madness, an album that has been discussed and anticipated by supporters for more than two years, is set to be released tomorrow. However, fans have been able to hear the project, as it was made available to stream by Hopsin today (November 25).

SwizZz, who appears on Knock Madness’ “Jungle Bash,” says this is a vital Funk Volume release. 

Knock Madness is an important album for a lot of reasons,” SwizZz said exclusively to HipHopDX. “From a business perspective, it’s our biggest and most anticipated release yet. Shit, it’s the first Funk Volume project that will have physical copies hit the shelves in stores. To Hop, it’s important, I’m assuming, because it’s his moment of truth. It’s been three years since Raw dropped, and everyone has been waiting and anticipating the release of Knock Madness. There are a lot of expectations surrounding this project and his buzz is bigger than ever.
Knock Madness really has the potential to take Hop’s career to a new height,” SwizZz added. “From a Hip Hop perspective, Knock Madness is important because it truly provides a fresh breath of air to today’s Rap game. Hopsin’s creativity and artistry can’t be denied. He’s the consummate artist, for real. Critics might not like his image, or preferred style, but no one can refute that he can rap his ass off.”
SwizZz is readying his own Funk Volume album. Recently, SwizZz announced that he is going to release a project in 2014.

“Once you get your head and your mind right and your personal life situated, that’s what’s next,” SwizZz said. “It’s like, how are you going to make music or try to present an image or something like that when you don’t even know who you are as a person? That’s the main battle that I was dealing with—just getting my mind right.

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