Following the Los Angeles, California screening of Independent Living: The Funk Volume Documentary (November 3), the label’s first signee, SwizZz explained why his debut studio album has yet to be released.

During a Q&A session moderated by Funk Volume CEO, Damien Ritter, SwizZz said that personal challenges have affected his career causing the tentatively titled, Rock, Paper, SwizZzors, to be delayed.

“Once you get your head and your mind right and your personal life situated, that’s what’s next,” SwizZz said. “It’s like, how are you going to make music or try to present an image or something like that when you don’t even know who you are as a person? That’s the main battle that I was dealing with—just getting my mind right.”

Despite the obstacles, SwizZz ensures that he will release a project in early 2014. He also took a moment to describe his fan base.

“My fans are really loyal,” he said. “For the amount of work I put out, I know it’s not a lot, but they stick by me. Online, they show love. Then at the show, they show the same love that they show online. My fans are cool.”

SwizZz was the first artist signed to Funk Volume. He has released two projects: Haywire with labelmate Hopsin in 2009 and the mixtape Good Morning SwizZzle in 2011.

SwizZz also collaborates with fellow Funk Volume artists, including Dizzy Wright on “The Flavor” and Jarren Benton on “Go Off.” He is also featured on the song “Jungle Bash” on Hopsin’s upcoming release, Knock Madness, which is slated for a November 26 release.

 Hopsin and CEO Damien Ritter founded Funk Volume in 2008.

Independent Living: The Funk Volume Documentary is available for stream or for purchase. View the trailer below.

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