While some in Hip Hop may have found themselves coming to the defense of Seattle emcee Macklemore following comments Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar made in regards to Macklemore’s push for equal rights, one artist in particular says he understands Jamar’s stance on that particular topic.

Joined by Kool G Rap, Necro expressed his thoughts on Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers and Macklemore’s alleged agenda during an interview with Vlad TV. Although Necro says he doesn’t agree with the Brand Nubian emcee’s comments on white artists in Hip Hop, he revealed that he understands Jamar’s Macklemore comments.

“The way G Rap feels kinda trumps anybody who says that comment,” said Necro. “You know what I’m saying? Coming from G kinda trumps it. But to give my opinion…First I’ll pay homage. I was a big Brand Nubian fan. Coming up as a kid I supported them…I’m a street dude. So, basically nobody’s gonna tell me, nobody has ever been able to tell me what I could and can’t do. There’s never been a time where I did a show and somebody stepped to me…I think if he’s gonna speak on Macklemore and Macklemore with all that fag shit and making love with gays and all that, I can understand that because I ain’t really with that. I’m not saying I’m on some anti-gay shit and all that…From a street perspective nobody in the fuckin hood is cool with some faggot shit. Dudes kissing each other and all that. That shit is wack.”

Kool G Rap also offered his take on Jamar’s comments, which were made over two months ago, and expressed his belief that Hip Hop is a universal culture that isn’t biased against anyone of a different race, religion, etc.

“I mean, I don’t agree with that,” said Kool G Rap. “If that’s Lord Jamar’s views that’s his views, but since the beginning of Hip Hop you never seen any indication of that, you know what I’m saying? Amongst some of the legendary dudes that started it. They never really put that out there or imposed that in any kind of way. Even when you go back to like pioneers of Hip Hop in general, rap in general, you see Run DMC doing stuff with Beastie Boys right in the beginning. And you got the producer like Rick Rubin. You know what I’m saying? And so on and so on. Throughout the years it never been like any type of segregation with any race, culture, or anything when it came to Hip Hop. Hip Hop was always looked at as a universal thing and everybody was always invited into it. It’s a culture. The culture don’t have a face. It don’t have a race to it. It don’t have a color. It don’t have a particular religion or anything like that. And this is why people all around the world is part of that Hip Hop culture.”

Following comments Lord Jamar made in regards to white rappers being guests in Hip Hop, the New York rapper garnered responses from Hopsin, Yelawolf, comedian Lil Duval, and a handful of others. Since the release of his now controversial interview with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar has offered his opinion on a variety of topics including Gucci Mane’s alleged lean addiction, Kanye West’s Yeezus tour merchandise (specifically the Confederate flag t-shirt), and more.

Kool G Rap and Necro’s interview with Vlad TV comes just one day after the release of the duo’s Once Upon A Crime album. Released on November 19, the LP serves as a follow-up to 2012’s The Pre-Kill Volume 2.

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