In a Twitter update posted today (November 18), Ja Rule said that he and one-time rival 50 Cent shared a row on a flight recently. 

Ja Rule also said that the two rappers did not have an issue on the flight despite their longtime feud. 

During his Twitter updates regarding this matter, Rule also criticized those who feel the two should have had a problem on the flight.  

During an interview in September, Ja Rule spoke about his feud with 50 Cent.

“It was a lot going on in that time frame,” said Ja. “You got the federal indictment. Here’s what it is, it was orchestrated very well. He was a part of the juggernauts at that moment. Eminem, Dre, they were very, very big in what they were doing as well. So, as we were big over on our side they were also big on their side. And as everything started to crumble for us as far as we didn’t have a label home anymore, ya understand? There was a lot of things that were falling apart for us. It was easy for him to get people to turn on. And there was things that were behind the scenes that y’all don’t see that also made us seem more irrelevant. Like we couldn’t go to awards shows.”

In 2010, Rule said that his feud with 50 Cent was “unfair.”

“Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation,” he said. “A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in Hip Hop, you know? I laugh when I see people say shit like, ‘Yo, [50 Cent] killed Rule, but he didn’t kill [Rick] Ross.’ No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of Teflon Don]. I went platinum with R.U.L.E. after I made Blood In My Eye…I was a much bigger selling artist than just platinum so I guess that’s why people felt I took a hit. But the music industry was taking a hit at that time, too. You can’t really judge it or try to make an issue out of it, or an excuse. It just is what it is. To me it’s just one of the weirdest moments in Hip Hop. It’s to where the fans feel like they were duped almost like, ‘[50 Cent] shitted on this nigga for one thing and turned around and did the same thing.'”

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