Childish Gambino has released a lyric video for “3005” featuring Abella Anderson, a former porn actress, according to

Gambino’s “3005” is a selection set to appear on his new album, because the internet. The project is slated to be released December 10.

In November, Gambino spoke about writing the song. 

“I feel like I write best in the morning,” Gambino said during an interview with Fuse News. “I wrote ‘3005’ in the morning. All the good songs where I’m like, ‘How did I even come up with that?’ were probably remnants from dreams…I feel like when you first wake up, you’re still close to who you really are.”

He also spoke about the track’s significance during the interview.

“Everybody’s like, ‘It’s a love song,'” Gambino said. “It’s kind of an existential thing. I’m just really scared of being alone. When I was little, there was a big dog down the street. I was really scared of it. But when I was with my sister, when I knew I had to protect her, I wasn’t afraid of the dog as much because somebody was there. I had a purpose…I kind of feel lost. I kind of lost that, I feel.” 

Gambino’s “3005” video can be viewed below.

(November 15) 

UPDATE: The music video for “3005” can be viewed below.

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