As part of a brief segment for Revolt TV, New Jersey beatsmith Just Blaze spoke on the creation of “Interlude,” a record he produced and provided vocals for on Jay Z’s The Black Album.

The producer says he aimed for a spacey sound with the record, and was hoping to avoid creating a song that came across as too boisterous.

“I wanted it to feel like spacey,” said Blaze. “Like you were about to be on the verge of something different. I didn’t want the intro to be like super loud and boisterous. I wanted it to be something like you kinda just zoned out to.”

Just Blaze also commented on the vocals he provided for “Interlude,” which he says is similar to his vocal addition on The Black Album’s “Public Service Announcement.”

“I wrote the dialogue, the talking,” he said. “I changed my voice up. Same as I did on ‘PSA.’ I think I said something about trees or flowers growing in Brooklyn. I don’t know, it sounded good at the time. I don’t even remember [all] the words.”

In addition to “Interlude,” Just Blaze also produced The Black Album tracks “December 4th” and “Public Service Announcement.” Other producers who lent their assistance on The Black Album include Kanye West, The Neptunes, Timbaland, and 9th Wonder.

Although Just Blaze was not recruited for any of the records featured on Magna Carta Holy Grail, he says “Song Cry 2,” a song he produced was almost featured on Jay Z’s twelfth studio album.

“We did revisit that idea like right when he first started figuring out what he wanted to do with Magna Carta and he came to see me,” said Just Blaze, in regards to “Song Cry 2.” “We actually did bring that record up. And it was a contender for a day or two…One day I’mma get him to put it out.”

Video of Just Blaze’s interview with Revolt TV can be found below.

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