Method Man recently discussed the media’s portrayal of artists and Chris Brown’s alleged fight with a person who interrupted a photograph Brown was taking with a fan. 

“If you were in that same situation, how would you have handled it?” Method Man says in an interview with XXL. “Maybe you wouldn’t have handled it in the same way Chris did, but you would have been just as angry. Don’t fuckin’ act like he’s some kind of animal and shit. That’s human nature. He got angry. He just took it a little bit further. But I know, I’m going off topic and shit. You just gotta understand, I’ve been doing this shit for a long time, and in the past few years, I’ve seen this change with the media, and it’s ugly as hell. I don’t believe in kissing an artist’s ass. I believe in going right for the story, but when you’re trying to make a fuckin’ story? How tacky is that? How tactless? And that’s what it feels like now.

“If he was a regular dude, and dude photobombed him like that, jumped up in his photo, it’s like, ‘What are you doing, mothafucker?’ Method Man says. “‘I’m taking a picture here.’ I woulda whooped his ass, too. But based off the fact that it’s Chris Brown, they’re making a big deal about it. I feel bad for the dude. And the bloggers, all these other sideline people with their opinions aren’t making it any better.

Chris Brown was reportedly involved in a fight with a person in October. The singer was reportedly approached by two women who wanted to take a picture with him in front of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C., according to law enforcement, as per Two men reportedly attempted to get into the photo, but Brown allegedly used a gay slur before allegedly throwing a punch at the alleged victim, as per Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding who threw the first punch in the altercation. 

Chris Brown was jailed and released in October due to the altercation in question. The felony assault charge he was facing stemming from an alleged assault in Washington, D.C. was reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony, according to

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