Hopsin released his “Rip Your Heart Out” song featuring Tech N9ne today (November 12). The track is slated to appear on Hop’s upcoming album, Knock Madness.

Knock Madness is scheduled to be released November 26 on Funk Volume. 

Tech speaks about his work with Hopsin on the song. 

“Me and Hop only thang is taking over like Pinky and the Brain,” Tech N9ne raps on the track, referencing the “Pinky and The Brain” animated television series. 

In 2011, Hopsin spoke with HipHopDX about his collaboration on Tech N9ne’s All 6s and 7s’ “Am I a Psycho” selection.

“Tech N9ne had hit me up,” Hopsin said of the collaboration. “He told me he had a beat that B.o.B had made and it just had a chorus on it, and he was going to email it to me. He just told me the description of the song, what it was about and I was feeling the topic. So, he emailed me the beat and I vibed out to it for a few days. Then, I came back home and recorded my verse in my studio. I felt really good that he gave me the offer to be on his album, let alone on a song with B.o.B as well. That made it even better. I’m just really thankful for that. I’m glad he’s been keeping his eye on me to watch what I’m doing and he can see that I’m a legit up and coming artist in the underground. I was really thankful for that. Shout out to Tech N9ne, by the way, for doing that. It really helped me a lot, too. There’ve been a lot of fans who found out about me through that and you know, the momentum’s picking up every day and that’s just one of the elements contributing to the big streak that Hopsin is on right now, and Funk Volume as a whole.” 

“Rip Your Hear Out” can be heard below.

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