Joe Budden recently spoke about the upcoming Slaughterhouse album, set to be released in Spring 2014 via Shady Records.

“The Slaughterhouse album is great,” Budden said during an interview with Hot 97. “It’s much better than the shit we did last time. I won’t call it shit. That was a figure of speech, but it’s much better music. It’s the best music we’ve ever made by far. That’s not just how rappers say that. This is by far our best project.” 

Although the album is slated to be released, “hopefully in Spring,” according to Budden, on Shady Records, Eminem is not currently on the album.

Eminem was featured on Slaughterhouse welcome to: OUR HOUSE album last year. Eminem was also the executive producer of the project. Slaughterhouse joined Eminem on BET’s “The Backroom” recently for a freestyle session. 

Budden said that the group doesn’t have many features planned for the release, but said that they have recorded a collaboration with Action Bronson.

“We got Action Bronson,” Budden said. “I’ll leave it there for now. I don’t even know if that record is certain.” 

During the interview, Budden also spoke about the state of Hip Hop.

“I love where we are,” he said. “People are rapping. People are performing. It feels like the eyes are on Hip Hop again. People are selling music…It would be hard to complain about Hip Hop right now…All the rappers at the top of the game are exceptional rappers. That hasn’t always been the case…[Hip Hop’s] led by people that rap exceptionally, not okay, not machine-driven, not gimmicks.”  

Joe Budden Felt Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse Was Good For Hip Hop 

Budden also talked about the week that Big Sean’s Kendrick Lamar- and Jay Electronica-assisted “Control” song was released.

“That week in Hip Hop felt good for me,” Budden said. “To see people get inspired to step their pen game up, to see people tweet like, ‘Yo, I was on some bullshit before.’ We knew that already…But that was good. It was a good week for Hip Hop.”

He also spoke about his own “Control” response track.

“I had fun,” he said. “I do that in my sleep.” 

In August, Kendrick Lamar was asked about several “Control” responses aimed at him. Lamar spoke about them, including Budden’s response. 

“I liked the [King] Los verse,” Kendrick said in an interview with Hot97. “Joe Budden did this thing. Joell [Ortiz]. A lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing, though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody. But the number one joint at the top of the list had to be Chocolate Drop.”

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