Turk, who was once a member of Cash Money Records’ Hot Boys, says that his former associates have not been supportive of him following his father’s death. 

Turk released a video saying that Baby, Slim, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh have not been responsive to him despite his attempts to reach them.

“Baby, Slim, Wayne, Mannie Fresh, all you niggas who claim y’all my homeboys, claim y’all fuck with me, I’ve been reachin’ out to y’all niggas,” Turk says in a video he released on his YouTube channel. “Ain’t nobody respond.

“My daddy got killed, “Turk continued. “You already know what it is. Y’all look at the news. Y’all see what’s goin’ on. It’s all G. I just want y’all to know it ain’t no love lost. I’m still gon’ be real. I can’t make a nigga be real. But, it is what it is. Y’all showed me on too many occasions. But right now, this the last straw. Man, it’s all good. Y’all keep doin’ what y’all do. I’ma do what I do. Me and my family gon’ get through this together, with my fans. I appreciate everybody that is there for me. Whoever not, who said they gon’ be, it is what it is. Time reveals every man. I’ve learned that through the years.” 

He also said that he hopes to persevere despite feeling a lack of support from former friends and associates.

“Turk gon’ keep on pushin’ no matter what,” he said.

In February, Turk spoke about having a bad record contract with Cash Money.

“I felt like I got the short end of the stick on my deal when I was younger,” Turk told HipHopDX. “But now I know. People die from a lack of knowledge. When we don’t know, we got to suffer for that. So I felt like that was my trials and tribulations for me to go through that to make me into the person that I am today. Some people might call it ruthless and hard. But, it’s business. 

“It’s just like my album, Blame It on the System,” Turk continued. “Somewhere down the line you gotta draw the line and take responsibility. A person gotta answer for they actions. Me, would I do somebody the way Baby did? No, I wouldn’t. If I came up with a person, and I know rightfully something is theirs, yeah, I’ma make sure that everything is everything. But, you never know the situation of how that person felt. Did that person really know what they was doing, or was that person as illiterate as you when it comes to the business? Did that person have somebody else running they business? You never know how it was. And, I try not to even dig into it. I learned from that experience. I’m moving forward, and I ain’t looking back. I can’t turn into a pillar of salt.” 

In August, Turk, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile reunited with Cash Money Records at the BMI R&B & Hip Hop Awards

Turk’s recent video regarding his feeling a lack of support can be found below, via Turk’s YouTube page

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