With Layzie Bone announcing his departure from Bone thugs-n-harmony in August, the future of a five-member Bone project is on hold indefinitely.

Last year, Bone thugs announced in a statement from Seven Arts Music’s CEO, David Michery, that they would be releasing Art Of War III.

“We are very excited by BTH’s new music, which brings them back to their roots and their great success with DJ U-Neek and Kenny McLeod on Art of War, Michery said in the statement. “The boys are back in town.”

A reported release date of November 27, 2012 had also been revealed. Late November however came and went with no album. To this date, the group has still not released an album. In a March interview with The Source, the album was denounced by members of the group.

HipHopDX recently spoke with a couple members of the seminal Ohio Hip Hop group including Krayzie Bone, who remarked that Art Of War III, if ever released, would not include all members of Bone thugs-n-harmony and that he never had anything to do with it. When asked by DX about the album, Krayzie said that Layzie, Bizzy and Flesh Bone were the only ones who had recorded for the project.

“One thing I got to say about that Art Of War III album is, it’s been so much stuff going on about that album, and it ain’t even what everyone thinks,” he said. “For one, Wish Bone ain’t even on that album. That’s an album with Layzie, Bizzy and Flesh Bone. I guess the situation was not what it was supposed to be or whatnot to make my brothers not even want to participate in it anymore, so I don’t even know what’s going on with that album. I never had nothing to do with it—never recorded anything for it—so I really don’t know what’s going on with it.”

Krayzie Bone also announced that he is working on his own solo project.

“I’m working on my final solo album as well entitled, Chasing The Devil, so I’m moving it,” Krayzie said when asked about future endeavors. “It’s going to be the final solo album that I do. Basically it’s going to be a double CD. It’s been really anticipated, ‘cause I’ve been working on it for going on three years now. But I’ve been just waiting on the right time and the right opportunity to present it and make sure I have everything in line. I’m rapping that up right now, man, and I think the fans will really be into it.”

Read the full interview here.

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