Since moving to Los Angeles in 1984, the Los Angeles Clippers have yet to win a championship during their six appearances in the NBA playoffs. The franchise has a collective winning percentage of .375, yet that hasn’t deterred at least one emcee from loyally supporting them.

“Right, I’m a Clippers nigga,” Inglewood, California emcee Skeme said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Fuck the Lakers with a sick dick. I hope the predictions is right, and y’all end up at 12 [in the Western Conference]. I been a Clippers nigga though Keith Closs, Michael Olowokandi and Sean Rooks.” 

Skeme also related the Clippers’ recent increase in success to his own. 

“Man, this is like older cats from the coast counting us out before, and we like the niggas now, and we don’t want to talk to y’all,” Skeme said. “This is what it is. This is what’s going on right now. Every aspect of my life is the same way. Niggas talked shit about my [New Orleans] Saints about for two seasons, and now the record is [6-2]. Holler at us. It’s good money, though. I like all this shit. Shout out the homie Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. These are my dogs, and to have my niggas play for the team is dope.”

While Skeme spoke on his love for the Clippers and friends on the current Clippers roster, he also spoke on the formation of his bond with ex-Clipper and Southern California native Baron Davis.  

“We was in The Bay doing a show with Pac Div and the homie Hope Wright, and the nigga just tweeted me out of nowhere,” Skeme said. “This nigga hit me every way you can hit me, and he hit the booking e-mail, too…We got back to the city, and since BD is from LA, he wanted to have a hand in something he seen coming early. Be that as it may, a lot of times, we went about shit the wrong way. It’s not that dude didn’t care. It’s like maybe business and time didn’t permit you to take as much care of that project that you want to. With Pistols And Palm Trees, we had a lot of good moments within that shit, but I don’t think we would ever be able to turn it around into something that’s big enough, ‘cause we all not invested in the same level that I am with the projects. I think that’s the thing that separated us.

“To this day, BD is still my big bro,” Skeme continues. “He been a solid guy. He means well and the homie wants to help. He wants to push LA niggas to be able to do it, and this is a constant. If you a real nigga, he’s gonna rock with it. What I will say about dude is, he pushed me to be about more serious shit. If it wasn’t for BD, I’d probably be along the same as a YG as far as rap…It drove me to be a bigger artist than what I thought of myself at the time. BD was always solid.”
Davis is currently rehabbing from an injury suffered during the 2012 playoffs. In addition to working in what ESPN’s Ian Begley reported was an advisory role with the New York Knicks, Davis has been active off the court. In 2008, the former UCLA Bruin was credited for production on Bloods and Crips: Made in America. The Emmy-nominated documentary gave background on the gang wars in Los Angeles, examined external factors that lead to youth turning to gangs and questioned the government’s responses or lack thereof to the conflict taking place on American soil.

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