Nearly a month and a half after Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar criticized fellow emcee Macklemore and other white Hip Hop artists, comedian Lil Duval has stepped forward to give his thoughts on Jamar’s controversial remarks.

While speaking to Vlad TV this week, Duval referred to Jamar as “old school” and questioned how someone can be bothered by an artist of another race or sexuality if what they’re doing isn’t affecting their money.

“I think Lord Jamar is old school and most old school people, we tend to go with all that, ‘It ain’t like it used to be. This, that, and blasé blasé,’” the actor/comedian said during his VladTV interview. “Which it ain’t supposed to be like it is. Things change. When I was a kid, my mama used to say, ‘Turn that biggity bop music off.’ Hip hop. Now we’re grown and we that person. So, I mean as far as white people rapping, who gives a fuck? Is it fuckin’ up yo money? No. I don’t care if a gay person raps. It’s not fuckin’ up my money. Even if it was, it don’t bother—I’m not insecure enough—what he does, what he do don’t make me shit. That’s how I look at anything. So, with that comment and how he feels like that, it sounds like it’s a little more and maybe he’s looking at it from his standpoint and I just don’t see it, but I just see how is this affecting you though?”

Lil Duval later stated that those like Lord Jamar are contradicting themselves with their comments about Hip Hop making its way into areas outside of the black community.

“Maybe he’s talking for the culture or something, but the culture is about growing,” said Duval. “And if the majority of the population is more than just blacks in the inner-city. So, if you downing a white person doing it that means you’re killing the culture yourself because you’re unhappy that it’s reached millions and millions of people. So, really you’re contradicting yourself. So, it’s bullshit. That’s a good statement. You can use that one.”

During a September interview with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar referred to white rappers as “guests in the house of Hip Hop” and stated that the genre is “a black man’s thing.”

“Okay, white rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” said Jamar, during his interview several weeks ago. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion. White rappers, those of y’all who really studied the culture, that truly love Hip Hop and all that, keep it real with yourself, you know this is a black man’s thing. We started this. This is our shit.”

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