During an appearance on WPEG Power 98 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz cleared up a handful of rumors that were created due to previous statements he made.

Chainz addressed an alleged remixed version of the Mannie Fresh-produced “Used 2.” The wordsmith revealed that there is no remix to the song and although 2 Chainz didn’t offer an explanation for that particular rumor, he did speak much more in-depth about a rumor spread in regards to Jay Z.

Late last month, Chainz was quoted as saying, “I always had it in mind that I was gonna put Jay Z on my third album,” during an interview with Hot 93.7 in Hartford, Connecticut. But when asked about his desire to place the Brooklyn lyricist on his next album, 2 Chainz says he merely brought Jay’s name up as he was naming the artists he hasn’t had the opportunity to work with just yet.

“I didn’t say that either. Nope,” the rapper says during his Power 98 interview. “Somebody asked me, [they] said ‘Chainz, man, you done worked with everybody in the industry, everybody. Who you ain’t work with?’ So I was like, ‘I ain’t work with everybody. I ain’t work with Jay. I ain’t work with Em. I ain’t work with Mary J. Blige.’ It’s a few people I haven’t worked with. So, I look at my Twitter, it says something totally different, which is cool. I’m learning how to do this stuff here. This media, these interviews. I’m getting it, you know? So, I have to be careful what I say or somebody else [will] ask me the question that I never even put out there. But it’s all good. I would love to rock with Jay Z. I’m a huge fan, but we’ll just see what happens.”

2 Chainz later clarified rumors of a sex tape he allegedly wants to create with female rappers Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. The College Park representer stated that while he does have interest in creating a sex tape, he never mentioned anything about Nicki or Iggy.

“I did say I want to put one on NetFlix,” said 2 Chainz. “So, the people asked me what do I feel about Nicki. I said, ‘That’s my sister.’ And then they asked me about Iggy. I said Iggy was dope. So, then I look up again on my Twitter and it says, ‘I want to have sex with them two women for my sex tape.’ And I ain’t never said that neither. That’s not really my angle…I did agree to the sex tape part.”

In addition to releasing his second solo album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time this year, 2 Chainz has toured alongside fellow rapper Lil Wayne and is slated to serve as the newest addition to pop star Rihanna’s “Diamonds World Tour.”

Despite the opportunity to tour with a variety of artists, the rapper’s days touring on the road haven’t come without the occasional run-in with authorities. During an appearance on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” in September, 2 Chainz expressed his frustration with the profiling he feels he underwent while on tour.

“I never said I don’t smoke or nothing like that, but most of the time when we do things like that it’s not like we’re actually riding, going…For us, you get pulled over 30 minutes from the venue, 10 minutes away from the venue and it’s just always something,” he said.

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