New Jersey-based beatsmith Just Blaze shared his thoughts on his fellow producers during a recent interview with Vlad TV as he was asked to share the names of his top three producers right now and also the top three producers of all time.

Among those Blaze listed as his top three producers right now were Atlanta’s Mike WiLL Made It, “Rack City” producer DJ Mustard, and teen beatsmith Young Chop.

“Right now, I would definitely say Mike WiLL,” said Just Blaze. “I mean, he’s like [every] record on the radio. Mustard is super dope. I like DJ Mustard. He’s got this like unorthodox slap that I love. The bounce, that whole new Cali bounce is just crazy. Aside from those two, probably Young Chop. It’s like Chop has—it’s crazy unorthodox swing that’s super aggressive and makes you want to just punch somebody. I would probably put him in the third. Yeah, definitely.”

Just Blaze may have been able to easily rattle off the names of his favorite producers at the moment, but when asked to name his favorite producers of all time, the beatsmith found difficulty tackling a much broader category.

“That’s a tough one. I don’t think I can name of all time,” said the producer. “There’s so many. I mean at that point, even if you stay within Hip Hop. You have the Q-Tips, the Marley Marls, the Large Professors, Prince Paul. People who make these seminal albums that have influenced the way that we all make records now. That’s tough for me.”

He eventually revealed the names of his three favorite producers, which includes artists who have maintained careers in Hip Hop for decades.

“I can say my favorites, not necessarily the best, but my favorites,” said Blaze. “Probably Large Professor. Premier, just from the immense catalog and the integrity he maintained along with it. Throughout that entire stretch that he’s still on. Third would be tough. Maybe RZA. It’s tough cause I’m not good with ‘top’ lists because there’s too much good stuff out there to just narrow it down like that.”

With a list of favorite producers, which includes artists who have maintained relevancy for years, Just Blaze went on to speak on the importance of longevity and how he’s managed to remain in the game for so long.

“I mean, there are very few producers that maintain longevity for more than two or three years…It can be a lot of things that contribute to the rise and fall of a producer,” said Blaze. “I think A, for me, the reason I think I’ve been able to maintain and always maintain a good wave over the course of these past 15 years is I’ve never really pigeon-holed myself into a sound or a style. Or even kind of like a genre.”

With well over a decade spent producing tracks for the likes of Jay Z, Mase, Fabolous, T.I., and countless other artists, Just Blaze boasts an extensive catalog. And although the beatsmith has produced a number of tracks for various rap acts, he ventured slightly outside of the genre this year thanks to his work on Baauer’s “Higher.” He recently spoke on the collab during an interview with in September.

“I’d say there are Just Blaze fans pre-‘Higher’ and post-‘Higher.’ It’s great,” said Blaze. “I’ve been making music since I was damn near born…I’m appreciative that somehow I’ve always found a way through the years to capture a new fan base and continue to remain relevant in some space and still make a living doing what I love–to me that’s all that matters.”

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