Nipsey Hussle recently said that he will sell his Victory Lap album for $100 in the same way that he did with his “Crenshaw” mixtape. 

“We gon’ do it traditionally through physical retail and iTunes,” Nipsey Hussle said during the interview with New York radio station Power 105. “But then we gon’ do a Proud-2-Pay campaign like we did for this one, and then we gonna offer it for free also.

“We gonna offer the album for free,” Hussle continued. “So if you wanna download it free, you could, because it’s still gonna be free regardless whether I offer it or not, somebody gonna leak it. It’s gonna be available. I’ma just keep it 100 with the people. It’s gonna be free if you don’t wanna pay for it. If you wanna pay for it, we gonna have a Proud-2-Pay product that goes along with it. And if you wanna go to iTunes, Best Buy or Target, you can do that, too.”

Nipsey Hussle Says “Crenshaw” Sale Idea Came From “Contagious” Book 

During the interview, Nipsey Hussle also said that he was inspired a Jonah Berger book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

“I got a few mentors who put me on books and literature and all that,” Hussle said of his inspiration behind selling his “Crenshaw” mixtape for $100. “I got to the second chapter of [Jonah Berger’s Contagious: Why Things Catch On]. It was just talking about how this restaurant owner in Philly started selling Philly cheesesteaks for $100 out of his restaurant. It set off all types of conversations. Everybody was talking about it. All types of influential people came through and wanted to check out why it was $100. Oprah came through and bought one. David Letterman bought one. He got all type of exposure and publicity. It became a staple. Everybody started come through to support, buying $100 cheesesteaks. I put the book down and I was like, ‘We about to do that with the album. Nobody did that with music.'” 

Nipsey Hussle was also asked about other musicians who are taking a similar approach to the sale of their music.

“A few artist approached me,” Hussle said. “A couple didn’t. MGMT doin’ somethin’, the Rock band. Eminem is selling his at different price points for like $300 for the deluxe.” 

Hussle made his “Crenshaw” mixtape available for free online October 8. He also sold 1,000 units of the project at $100 per copy. Hussle has confirmed that Jay Z purchased 100 copies of the collection. Hussle said he made $100,000 off the release in less than a day. 

More from Hussle’s interview with Power 105.1 can be seen below, followed by a stream of “Crenshaw.” 

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