Eminem’s “Rap God” sparked Casual to respond with “#RapGod.” 

“Your whole career you on some devilish shit,” Casual, a founding member of the Hieroglyphics collective, raps on the track. “So if I let you claim Rap God, heaven will split.” 

On the song, Casual says The Notorious B.I.G. used his style and makes another reference towards Eminem. 

“Claim the Son of Rap God and I won’t abuse my child,” the Oakland, California emcee rhymes on the selection. “Listen, Bigge used to use my style / Homie, this ain’t 8 Mile / Now everybody feeling the rhymes, the Real #Rapgod / Out-rap that fraud.” 

Casual continues on the track, saying he is the true Rap God. 

“I gotta smash that,” Casual raps. “‘Cause I’m the Rap God / You try to snatch that? Better give it back dog.” 

Casual released his He Think He #Rapgod album in 2011. The album featured a selection on it titled “#Rapgod.”

In a press release, Casual explained his stance.

“There are many Rap Gods but I am #Rapgod,” Casual said in a statement. “The Divine Manifestation, The Supreme Incarnation Of Lyrical Divinity. #Rapgod in the flesh. A true and living #Rapgod.

“It’s about receiving your deification and your veneration before your expiration,” Casual continued. “The Council Of The Rapgods was informed that Eminen was self-declared to be amongst the ranks of the Rapgods, rightfully so, might I add. Nothing wrong with that, except Casual is The True And Living #Rapgod, after which it has be canonized by The Highest Hierarchy Of Angels, By The Neteru, By The Highest Hip Hop Dignitaries and Rap Seminarians, that others shall go the entire professional duration and not be adorned with this Holy Epithet.”

In a press release, Casual also made it clear that “there’s no beef” with Eminem despite the track’s disses. 

Casual’s new rhymes over the same beat Eminem used on “Rap God” can be heard below via 2dopeboyz.com

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