Even though he hasn’t announced a new album coming out anytime soon, fans could be getting unheard Kanye West music before the year’s end.

In an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106 FM’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” Kanye revealed that outtakes from his most recent album, Yeezus, could be dropping shortly.

“It’s like five songs that didn’t make it on Yeezus that we might put out later this year,” said Kanye.

Yeezy also spoke about fans on the other spectrum who didn’t enjoy Yeezus. “For people that didn’t like Yeezus when it first came out: it’s a simple thing that I could’ve done to make them like it more that I chose not to do,” said ‘Ye. “I could’ve put ‘Blood on the Leaves’ at the beginning of the album, which is what I always do. It’s like ‘Good Morning’ at the beginning. ‘Say You Will.’ ‘Dark Fantasy.’ It’s a certain type of melody that I usually have that’s like, ‘If you put this at the beginning of the album…'”

In support of his “Yeezus Tour,” Kanye and the DONDA camp has opened a “Yeezus Tour” pop up shop in Los Angeles, selling tour merchandise and other Kanye-related items. The tour has caused a stir, with some of the merchandise featuring the Confederate flag, and the performances featuring a man portraying Jesus during his shows.

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