Eminem, Tupac and Big Boi are among those on “The Best Hip-Hop Aliases Of All Time” list, as compiled by pepsi.com. Eminem is recognized for his Slim Shady alter ego, while Tupac earns a place for his Makaveli moniker.

OutKast’s Big Boi as Sir Lucious Left Foot/Daddy Fat Sax also makes the list. “OutKast’s catalogue is so extensive it’s even more difficult to pin down when Big Boi ascertained the above-mentioned aliases than it is to pick just two,” pepsi.com says. “General Patton and Billy Ocean are just two more among a long list. Where Sir Lucious and Daddy Fat Sax distinguish themselves is when they became fully-realized as the central focuses of Big Boi’s solo albums — well, at least Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty did. Big Boi’s follow-up, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, was originally going to be titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusaders, until he decided to save Daddy Fat Sax for his third, as-of-yet-unreleased album title.”

The list is meant to highlight one way rappers highlight multiple sides of their personalities.

“Rappers have been known to have multi-faceted characters, sort of like comic-book heroes,” Pepsi.com says in the intro to its article. “And like these heroes, often aliases are used to express different sides of the artist or to explore new concepts. It’s why on any given day, Jay Z can be heard going by Hov, Jigga, S. Dot, to name a few.”

To visit the full list of “The Best Hip-Hop Aliases Of All Time,” please visit pepsi.com.

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