Lupe Fiasco dissed Childish Gambino on Twitter today (October 25). Lupe Fiasco was responding to Childish Gambino’s comments during an interview with New York Radio station Power 105.1 yesterday (October 24) in which Childish Gambino said that Lupe Fiasco came at him on Twitter.

“He kind of sneak-dissed me,” Childish Gambino says during the interview. “Here’s the thing. I’m a Lupe fan, to an extent. I liked his Food & Liquor. I liked all that stuff. But he kind of sneak-dissed me. He said, I don’t work with Black people. I work with n-words…I got what he was sayin’. I understood, but at the same time, it was a sneak diss. So I was like, ‘OK. I’ma just to come at you with what Chief Keef said to you a month ago. And when he said that, he was like, ‘Oh, it ain’t gotta be like that, bro.’”

Childish Gambino was referring to a September 2012 tweet from Chief Keef, which is as follows.

Childish Gambino said that his July tweet dissing Lupe was just a cut and paste of Chief Keef’s tweet.

Lupe Fiasco’s responses today to Childish Gambino’s comments are as follows.

When asked during the Power 105.1 interview if he would smack Lupe Fiasco if he saw him, Childish Gambino said no.

“He’s smart, too,” Childish Gambino said. “He doesn’t want to fight…That would be a waste of time and money for him. So maybe he’d get sued. Maybe he’d get some attention. I don’t think anybody thinks like that anymore…Most of these people are like, ‘I don’t wanna die. I’m trying to make this money.’”

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