Following a brief hiatus, Los Angeles rapper Hopsin has returned with the fittingly titled “Hop Is Back,” a record that calls out two of Hip Hop’s most talked about emcees. In the first single from Hopsin’s upcoming album, he expresses his thoughts on Kanye West and his sixth studio album, Yeezus, before offering up his opinion on fellow West Coast spitter Kendrick Lamar.

“I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus / But I burned it first / Heard it and snapped in five pieces / Man, Kanye on that bullshit,” Hopsin raps.

In the music video for “Hop Is Back,” which was also released today (October 22), the California wordsmith reenacts one of West’s numerous encounters with the paparazzi.

Shortly following Hopsin’s mocking of West, he then turns his attention to Kendrick as he raps, “Cause Kendrick took the bar and raised it up higher for emcees / Unfortunately, the little nigga’s like 4’3/ The guys a fuckin’ midget/ His high is still really short to me.”

“Hop Is Back” doesn’t serve as the first time the rapper has called out his fellow emcees on a record. On “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4,” Hopsin disses Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator as he spits, “All these no-flow, gimmicky ass fired up behaviors / With wack beats and gap teeth like Tyler, The Creator / Mothafucka, you not dope / So, you tryna get some attention by cussing and eating a fucking cockroach?”

And on 2010’s “Sag My Pants,” the 2012 XXL Freshman calls out numerous rappers including Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne.

Today’s release of “Hop Is Back” comes roughly a month before the scheduled release of Hopsin’s Knock Madness album, which is slated for release on November 26.

Following appearances on a handful of Disney Channel television shows, Hopsin released his first studio album in 2009. He has since collaborated on records with Tech N9ne, B.o.B, and a handful of other artists.

The music video for “Hop Is Back” can be found below.

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