Loaded Lux says he is gearing up to bring Lionz Den Battle Rap league back.

“The Lionz Den is on the way back,” Loaded Lux said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “We’re negotiating with sponsors and other entities. We’re putting the concept together.”

Loaded Lux also said that the Battle Rap league is slated to include different components geared to attract audiences.

“We’re adding new elements that we think the people will like,” Lux said. “Stay tuned.” 

Lionz Den has hosted Battle Rap events that have featured Charlie Clips, Arsonal, Goodz Head Ice and Cortez, among others. 

In August, Loaded Lux said he was planning an event for Lionz Den that could have featured his battle against Hollow Da Don.

“We are going to revive Lionz Den,” Lux said. “We have a club set for the venue and we’re gonna get it in. I might battle Hollow on Lionz Den and we both retire after that. Who knows?” 

Since then, it has been announced that Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don will instead battle on UW Battle League, a league co-founded by Arsonal. 

In an interview published October 14, Lux spoke about this upcoming battle, set to take place February 2014.

“I expect the best performance of my life, and as a result, I expect to shine an even brighter light on the culture,” Lux said. “I expect that the perception of battle rappers will change and they can start getting paid their worth. I expect that people will have a greater respect for the art.

“I expect to be the Floyd Mayweather of the culture by bringing money to the game,” Lux continued. “As Shaq would say, ‘Everybody eats.’ If you don’t think big, you’ll stay small. I expect to go down in Battle Rap history as the godfather of the culture. They say styles make fights. If true, then I expect that this will be the biggest and most entertaining battle in history.” 

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