Kid Cudi pushed a fan off stage during an October 17 concert in Houston, Texas. 

The incident occurred as Cudi performed “Cudi Zone.” Dressed in what appears to be an Iron Man-themed costume, Cudi is seen singing in the video. When Cudi turns around during the performance, he sees a man approaching him. Cudi walks towards him and begins shoving the person until he is seemingly pushed off stage.

After pushing the person off stage, Cudi turns back to the crowd. 

“Not on my watch,” he says, as security guards run to the person who’s been shoved. 

In December 2009, Cudi reportedly punched a fan who appeared to throw an object at him. Cudi asked the fan to join him on stage during the Sasquatch Music Feastival months after the punching incident. Cudi apologized and hugged the fan

Kid Cudi recently announced that his next album, Man on the Moon 3, is set to be released in 2015. However, he also announced that his EP, a prelude to the album, is scheduled to be released within the next three months.

“This will be a prelude to Man On The Moon 3,” Cudi said during a recent concert stop. “It’s all attached to the story. When Man On The Moon 3 comes out, you will be able to play this EP and segue into Man On The Moon 3. It’ll be a seamless connection.”  

Video of Cudi’s recent incident involving a person on stage can be viewed below, via Montreality. 

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