Polish pop singer IZA, a/k/a Iza Lach, has released her new video for “Ordinary Affair,” via Pepsi.com. In the clip, the chanteuse spends some one-on-one time in the studio with mentor Snoop Lion

“It’s always cool to see your favorite artist in a new light,” Pepsi.com says. “Whether they’re experimenting with different sounds, or collaborating with someone unexpected, the element of surprise helps you get to know them better as an artist. While we’re used to seeing Snoop front and center on stage, or exploring Jamaica with Diplo, watching him act as a mentor and a teacher to a young artist shows just how sweet he really can be.”

The video showcases IZA’s singing skills as she describes her love as “no ordinary affair.” It gives audiences an inside look of the duo collaborating inside the studio, where Snoop provides encouraging words for the young singer. 

IZA is also featured on Snoop Lion’s “The Good Good,” which was released earlier this year.

To watch IZA’s “No Ordinary Affair” video with Snoop Lion, please visit pepsi.com.

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