Tech N9ne was recently asked to list his Top 9 emcees, including all rappers whether they are dead or alive. 

“Eminem is in there,” Tech N9ne said during the interview with Columbus, Ohio radio station Power 107.5. “Tech N9ne is in there. Tupac is in there. The Notorious B.I.G. is in there. Big L is in there. Nas is in there. Jay Z is in there. Kendrick Lamar is in there. And one more. Let’s see. It’s gotta be somebody good, man.”

After a pensive moment, Tech N9ne said the ninth slot would be decided between two emcees. 

“It’s between KRS-One and Rakim,” Tech said. “Aw, man. I wish it was 10, man. Then I’d be perfect, but 9. I’ma say KRS-One. He did things that made me want to rap. I’ve been in the crowd when he did ‘The Bridge is Over.’ I’ve been in the crowd when Prince used to have Glam Slam down in downtown L.A. back in the day, back in like ’93, I was in the crowd. I’ve been right there with BDP. Rest in peace, Scott La Rock. I’m a humungous fan. Not taking nothing away from Rakim because I’m a humungous fan as well, but I’ll say KRS-One for my 9.”

Kendrick Lamar is the youngest rapper mentioned by Tech N9ne in the list. Tech has been a supporter of Kendrick Lamar, most recently featuring the Compton, California emcee on a “Fragile,” a song off his 2013 album, Something Else. In August, Tech N9ne praised Kendrick Lamar for his verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” 

“My reaction was, ‘Yeah, nigga. Wake these motherfuckers up,’” Tech N9ne said during an August interview with MONTREALITY. “Everybody’s so lazy, man. I always raise my bar. My bar is always raised, every album. ‘He’s A Mental Giant’ to ‘So Dope’ or whatever you listen to that Tech N9ne is technical. It’s always pushing my peers to go even harder when they do a song with me, so for Kendrick to take it a step further, say names and shit, is really waking niggas up and if anybody got a problem with my lil homie, I got his back. Sorry and shit. Let’s go.”

Tech N9ne, who named himself as part of his Top 9 emcees, recently spoke with HipHopDX about feeling immortal as an artist.

“I’m feeling more and more like Dracula everyday,” Tech N9ne said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in June. “He’s supposed to be immortal. He’s been here for centuries. It seems like in the Hip Hop game, I feel like Dracula because I’ve been here for the rise and fall of a lot of major emcees and I’m still on the incline. It feels like every time I look in the mirror, every year I get older, but I’ve started looking like I’m in my 20s. They call me ‘Alucard,’ Dracula backwards because it’s like I’ll be here [forever]. Since I’ve been rapping, I’ve seen so many emcees come and go and I’ve been rapping just as long and I keep on having new life every time I do an album. Why wouldn’t I feel immortal? “

Tech N9ne’s interview with Power 107.5 can be viewed below.

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